"The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate!"

~Oprah Winfrey~


Hello, Girlfriends!

We're extremely excited, and we embrace this opportunity to welcome you to our CELEBRATION of this unique business network of some of the best passionate, professional and aspiring, women entrepreneurs locally and beyond! Together, we're dedicated to sharing with you our knowledge and passion for what we love in areas essential to women to help YOU Celebrate Your Excellence!

We're Celebrating Our Collaborative Effort to Bring You Our Best!

At the Original Girlfriends Network, our CELEBRATION commits us to a unique, collaborative effort, and to learning to GIVE our best so that we can inform and educate you on the high quality products an services available to you from women with amazing small businesses that you may not discover otherwise! The Original Girlfriends Network wants to help you be your best!

We’re also CELEBRATING our commitment to providing the ultimate in exceptional customer service and care, that’s why we’ll only bring you the best- because you deserve nothing less! We realize you have many choices of those you do business with, and one of our many goals in serving you is to achieve a praiseworthy, lasting relationship with you so that the Original Girlfriends Network is your exclusive online resource for phenomenal women entrepreneurs every single time!

Now, just think about all the times you've asked your girlfriends if they knew where you could locate a particular product or service that you needed and had no idea where to find it– well....

…with www.originalgirlfriendsnetwork.com, your search is simple and literally at your fingertips! With our easy to use business directory, you’ll discover many exciting women owned businesses with essential products and services to help you become your most fabulous!

Most Importantly Girlfriends, We're Celebrating YOU!

The Original Girlfriends Network is CELEBRATING YOU as well! We thank you in advance, and we’re truly grateful for your continued support of women with small businesses, because that puts money back into our communities, which helps to stimulate our local economy!

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Ready to become a member of this truly original network?

Then please accept this personal invitation from me to "Join Us" today and start sharing your best with your girlfriends using the OGN's exclusive "Marketing to Excellence" System!

To Your Excellence!

Tonya Jackson, Owner & Founder
Ph: 615-305-3845

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